Baby Naming

Baby Naming

This is such a versatile ceremony which has many facets.

A baby naming ceremony is your way to introduce your child to your friends and family.

In the tradition of a Christening there would have been God Parents. With a baby naming ceremony we tend to use the term Guide Parents. These are friends or family who wish to commit to being there for the child through thick and thin.

During the ceremony the Parents and Guide Parents may wish to speak, maybe doing a reading or their own personal words to the child.

Baby Naming ceremonies can be used for many different scenarios. Two families may be joining together and the naming ceremony can be a way to announce to the world the combining of the family and the joining together of the children from each parent.

Equally it may be used to welcome an adopted child to the family.

Naturally a naming ceremony can be held anywhere. A venue of your choice or even your own home or garden.

Having written the script and it being approved by yourselves I will then attend the venue and oversee and officiate the ceremony. I will also ensure that any ritual elements are prepared and that the ceremony space is ready.

Don’t forget, this is your ceremony, your way!

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Baby Naming Ceremony

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