Funeral Service

A Funeral or Memorial Service is a time to remember our loved one. ​

We want to share happy stories.  Memories of what made them the person they were.

It is a time to mourn and to be able to say goodbye but it is also a time to celebrate, to acknowledge what a truly wonderful life they have lived.

It is my job to help you get that all down on paper.  To produce a ceremony script that will make everyone at the ceremony smile, laugh and even cry.

I will talk you through exactly how your ceremony could look, incorporating those who wish to speak or those who would like to write something but have me read it as part of the ceremony.

The beauty of using an independent Celebrant is that different elements can be included.  It may be that your loved one was not particularly religious but did have a favourite hymn.  This hymn could be sung on the day.  It is your ceremony for your family member.  I am simply there to bring it all together.  I can recommend music, poems, rituals and we can discuss any other element you may wish to include.

It is one thing planning your ceremony but on the day feelings can run very high, alongside your Funeral Director I will be there to assure that the day runs as smoothly as possible, giving your loved one the send-off they deserve.

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What you can expect.

After initial introduction, usually by your Funeral Director, I will meet with you to begin putting together an initial idea on how you wish the ceremony to look.

I will then go away and put together a script for you. This will be a first draft. An idea for you to see how it is likely to look. At the same time if members of the family or friends wish to write their own pieces for the day they will be able to work on them and submit them to me when they are ready.

After the first draft you will be able to advise me of any changes that need to be made.

The final draft of the ceremony will always be agreed by yourselves before the day of the funeral.

Funerals / Memorial Services from £200.

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